Streaming FAQ

FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions, but you already knew that.

Why do I have to download service content?

Short story... we're getting burnt out.

We didn't have streaming prior to COVID-19, and have made great strides in building out a streaming platform. While it seems like it should be simple because "everyone does it" there are still many factors (equipment, software, people, etc) that need to be aligned to make it happen.

During this time we all need to find simpler ways to operate to reduce exposure to virus as well as overall stress and burden.

By removing slides from the stream, we don't need a camera or stream operator present in the building.  This alone cuts our Sunday morning team in half.   It also reduces complexity as we only need to turn on the camera and go.

We appreciate your understanding!

Why can't I watch Pastor Jason's phone streams on YouTube?

This is a particular issue that comes down to the fact that YouTube is restricting this capability for some reason.   We have done a lot of research into this and made every attempt to remove possible causes.

We'll keep trying, but for now YouTube streaming will only be available for our Sunday Services