Whether you are exploring our page as a guest or you are a regular at MCC and looking for information, below is a list of things we hope are helpful. If you can't find what you are looking for here or elsewhere on our website, please contact Pastor Jason at

  • We are looking for our next Music Coordinator. Click Here to view the position description. 

  • Nursery Coordinator

    We are looking for our next Nursery Coordinator. Click Here to view the position description. 

  • Student Ministry Internship

    Please click here to view a description of Student Ministry Director position we are offering as part of a new internship program at MCC!

  • MCC 2020 Budget SUmmary

    Please click here to view a summary of the budget for 2020. The budget will be reviewed at our Congregational Meeting on December 8th, 2020, following the worship service.  A more detailed version of the budget will made available to any member of MCC, upon request with our Church Administrator, Mel Armstrong. 

  • Committee on Discipleship Ministries

    Click on the picture to the left if you would like to visit the website of CDM. The Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) is charged by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) with the task of equipping and discipling the churches of the PCA, which is the affiliated denomination of MCC. Check out their website to find helpful resources for yourself, your family, and ministry.

  • MCC Safe-child Policy

    This document explains in detail the various measures, practices, and procedures we have established in order to assure parents and their kids that MCC is a safe place for children, teengagers, and other vulnerable people. 

  • Code of Conduct

    This document lays out the expectations and standards we have for our volunteers when the they serve in any of our ministries at MCC.

  • Affirmation Statement

    We require all adult and student volunteers working regularly with children at MCC to review and abide by our Safe-Child Policy and Code of Conduct which are listed above. The completion of this document, accompanied by a signature, is required for anyone working regularly with minors at MCC.

  • incident Report Form (IRF)

    This form is made available to anyone who suspects or witnesses actual abuse of a minor or other vulnerable person at MCC. It should be submitted to a ministry leader, elder, or pastor.

  • MCC Ministry Compass Document

    Click on the picture to the left if you would like to review the MCC Ministry Compass Document completed by Interim Senior Pastor Curt McDaniel. It explains five ministry directives that we believe God is calling us to pursue as we discern His direction for our future. 


    Listen to Pastor Curt McDaniel's 7-part officer training series, exploring the history of our denomination, our confession of faith, and our Book of Church Order.