Our church is currently in a period of transition. Such a period can be a time when we experience many different things whether it concerns us as individuals or as a church family. Of course it is understandable for us to experience things like fear and anxiety about what lies ahead. But we also get to experience excitement and hope about what the Lord has in store for us next!

As we venture through this transitory phase in the life of our church, it is our Leadership's commitment to the congregation of MCC to do everything we can to communicate clearly and often about where we are in the process. Hence, this Interim Process page is one of the mediums we have decided to use to make good on that promise.

Should you ever have questions about the progress we are making, please take advantage of this page to find regular updates. As always, should you have any questions or concerns at any time, please reach out to your elder or our Associate Pastor Jason Leist. They would be most happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have. 

Thank you MCC Family! We love you and are looking forward to how God will provide clarity, direction, and hope for MCC's future, as we continue to trust in His sovereign grace through this important interim process. 

Ministry Compass

MCC family and friends,

As announced last Sunday, September 16, 2018 the Session of Murrysville Community Church (MCC) has approved and has authorized release of the “Ministry Compass 2018-2020” document, outlining the strategic plan for ministry for the congregation as she transitions to a new chapter of life, worship and work for the Lord Jesus Christ.  This document was created from the responses received from the Strategic Planning Questionnaire and from many discussions over the summer.


This document serves as the “Church Profile” that will be placed in the hands of the congregationally-nominated-and-elected pulpit search committee.  Using the Ministry Compass 2018-2020, the Pulpit Search Committee will then construct a “Sr. Pastor Profile” that matches, as closely as possible, this Church Profile outlined in the Ministry Compass 2018-2020 document.  It is from these two documents--the Sr. Pastor Profile and the Ministry Compass 2018-2020, that the next Sr. Pastor search is generated.

Your Session exhorts you to do the following:

  1. Prayerfully and reflectively read the Ministry Compass 2018-2020 document.  It will take you approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Attend the called congregational meeting on Sunday, October 21, after the worship service, to discuss and to approve this document as the Church Profile for MCC.
  3. Think of members of the congregation who would be good candidates to serve on the Pulpit Search Committee.  Once the Ministry Compass 22018-2020 document is approved, you will then be given 3 weeks to nominate an MCC member (with their permission) to serve on the PSC.  At the congregational meeting on October 21, Pulpit Search Committee nomination forms will be available.

To access the Ministry Compass Document, please click on the link below, where you be able to access a link to the document in a PDF file format:




For those wishing a hard copy of this document, please notify the church office, and one will be placed in your member’s mailbox.


Thank you for your prayers and participation in this process as we move forward with excitement and anticipation.


Blessings, Curt

H. Curtis McDaniel

Interim Sr. Pastor

Our Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC)

At the Congregational Meeting on December 9th, 2018, the persons listed below were elected to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee as we search for our next senior pastor. Please pray for this amazing group of servants who are already hard at work!

  • Andy Surface

  • Jim Roberge

  • Rob Agate

  • Dawn Bour

  • George Bettencourt

  • Afton Proctor

  • Carolyn Turner

Introducing Pastor Curt

MCC Family,

On behalf of the Session of MCC, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Reverend Curt McDaniel. After months of prayerful consideration we have decided to extend our invitation to him, to serve MCC as our Interim Senior Pastor

Curt has faithfully served several congregations over the last three decades, most of which belong to our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). MCC is the fourth congregation that Curt has served as Interim Senior Pastor. His reputation precedes him as a man of impeccable character who is a relational shepherd, sound teacher, and skilled preacher of God’s Word. We are confident that Curt is equipped by our Lord with the gifts, character, and pastoral instinct combined with the years of experience necessary to guide our church through this time of transition.

Curt’s family includes his late wife Karen, with whom he spent 34 years in marriage before her passing last October. They have three children, Curtis, Megan, and Heather, as well as three grandchildren. Please pray for Curt and his family as they continue to mourn the loss of Karen.

Please also pray for Curt as he gets acclimated, builds relationships with our leadership, including the staff, Session, and Diaconate. Curt is enthusiastically looking forward to investing as much time as he can to get to know you the congregation. Building these relationships is the bedrock of Curt’s ministry focus here at MCC.

Among many roles as Interim Senior Pastor, including the regular preaching and teaching of God’s Word, the shepherding and care of the congregation, and leadership development, Curt will lead our church through the intentional process of searching for our next Long Term Senior Pastor. 

This process, which was outlined at our last congregational meeting on March 18th, 2018, will be further explained during a series of Town Hall meetings forthcoming. Also, this running blog on our website is where you can find updates on where we are in that process. In addition to these mediums of communication, we will be sending out updates through email, postal mail, and Facebook.

Thank you church family, for joining us, your Session, in prayer as we have considered the steps forward, which we are now beginning to take. Please join us in continuing to pray and please join us in celebrating the addition of Pastor Curt, who will help us take those steps well. 



Pastor Jason Leist

      Associate Pastor @ MCC