MCC Exists because.... 

In a land of many churches, why does our particular church family exist? Ask an MCC family member and you are likely to hear a lot of different answers! But running through those answers, you'll hear that MCC is about Jesus and His grace! Its' this grace that has built in us these central passions:

  • To be a Jesus-created family.  
  • To Feed richly on Jesus' Word. 
  • To Grow in Jesus-given hope. 
  • To be on Jesus' Mission to make Disciples. 

Jesus. He's who created us, feeds, grows, and sends us. These four things together really describe our unique sense of calling and identity. It's what Jesus has done in us to prepare us to love our neighbors, community, and the world as disciples on a mission to make known the grace of God in the gospel.

You can hear these passions running through our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to build a Christ-centered, Gospel-driven, and community-oriented ministry of superior quality that brings—through evangelism and discipleship—increasing wholeness to every aspect of life and culture in Pittsburgh’s eastern suburbs by ministering as one church in many congregations.